Drop Your Ego, because you’re Discouraging Beginners from Asking Questions

The absolute worst part about this job isn’t the anti-gunner death threats, and it’s not the part where we report on accidental (negligent) discharges. The absolute worst part about this job is seeing comments from people who believe themselves to be smarter and better than everyone else.

Normally, this wouldn’t bother me. Let those punks say what they want, because chances are that people aren’t listening anyway. But when those people begin to target those new to firearms and concealed carry, that’s where I get annoyed.

Remember the saying ‘No question is stupid’? That’s especially true when dealing with the topics that we deal with. NO question is stupid, and not a single one of us knows everything.

Let’s look at a recent example:

We post: Carrying a firearm while using a public bathroom; What should you do with it?

Mr. Knowitall comments: If you don’t know what to do, you shouldn’t be carrying.

Thanks, Sir, for your valuable contribution to the conversation.

Not only to these keyboard warriors think that they’re above everyone else, it’s a serious discouragement for beginners to answer beginner questions. Sometimes, folks forget that others are just starting out and in the beginning, we all have legitimate questions with legitimate answers.

On a daily basis, we receive messages and emails from beginners, and they ask us questions that many label as ‘stupid’ or ‘if you don’t know this, don’t carry’. That’s a bad approach to take, and instead we should be supportive of each other and the questions that are on our minds.

In closing, no question is stupid… especially at Concealed Nation. We’re here to help those looking for answers and are happy to answer any questions that we can. It’s the way we learn, and you can never ask too many questions or be too prepared. For those who choose the opposite approach described in the example above, I ask that you reconsider. If you choose to comment, make it a comment that allows for a teaching moment, and not a comment that could stop someone from asking a legitimate question.

We’re all in this together. The more people who learn, the more people carrying firearms in the safest ways possible.

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