Man Forced To Shoot Brother In Self Defense, Who Dies At The Scene

SUMMERVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA — A man was forced to shoot his own brother in a case of self defense, police say. As unreal as this may sound, here is how local media say things went down;

Paul Felkel Rush, 53, of Summerville was pronounced dead at the scene, according to the Dorchester County coroner.

“Come on, stay with me! Stay with me!,” Paul’s brother can be heard saying in the 911 calls. “My brother attacked me, so I had to shoot him. Hurry up and get here!”

When officers arrived, they found Paul’s brother in the yard waving them down and took him into custody. Officers then found Paul Rush on the ground inside the house and unsuccessfully tried to revive him.

via live5news

There was no mention in the news report as to what transpired that night, but it would seem that the attack was enough to warrant lethal self defense.

It’s the worst nightmare of many to think that they would ever need to shoot a member of their own family, but incidents like this do happen once in a while.

It’s a sad time for the family, as one cannot imagine what a person would be going through after shooting and killing his own brother.

Family or not, there sometimes comes a moment where the fear of death is so great, it doesn’t matter who the threat is. We hope it’s never someone we know, but reality shows us that this is not always the case.

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