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Man Shot And Killed In Self-Defense At Alaska Barbecue

ANCHORAGE, ALASKA — Eric Hicks-Lundy defended himself from Joshua and Justin Austin, resulting in the death of one in a Russian Jack neighborhood.

While attending a neighborhood wake barbecue, Hicks-Lundy noticed Joshua walking with a pistol out and appeared to be “looking for trouble.” Hicks-Lundy called the police but they could not find Joshua. Hicks-Lundy had followed him, and in an alley was confronted by Joshua and his brother Justin.

A confrontation resulted in Joshua shooting at Hicks-Lundy. Hicks-Lundy ran away and fired two shots as he retreated and three more afer he made it to an apartment complex. As the police arrived, Justin fled the scene and Joshua was rushed to the hospital where life saving procedures failed and Joshua died.

Justin was caught by police and provided a false tale unsupported by the available evidence. Hicks-Lundy provided a detailed retelling of the story that was supported by evidence. Justin had gone to a local park and buried two firearms there. Justin was charged with aggrevated assault and tampering with evidence.

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