[VIDEO] S&W 500 World Record Broken – 5 Shots On Target In 1 Second



While the Guiness Book of World Records was not present, Andrew at GY6Vids gives us some entertainment by showing his world record attempt at 5 shots from a Smith & Wesson 500 in one second.

It took some tries, but he accomplished his goal! Take a look at the entertaining video below. Are you up to the challenge to beat his record?

In this video I put myself to the test to break the original World Record held by Jerry Miculek for the last 4 years here on YouTube, with 5 shots in 1.14 seconds…No exact distance was mentioned by Jerry Miculek in his video, but I’m doing it at 21 feet.

In this video I set the record for fastest 5 shots minus reaction time, as well as set the Fastest 5 shot time including reaction time (Which is more important in my opinion)

Record Attempt Details:

This is the record for fastest 5 shots fired from a 4in barrel Smith & Wesson 500 magnum Revolver. Using FACTORY LOADED Hornady 500 magnum 300gr FTX bullets, firing at 2000+ feet per second. While landing all shots on a Paper Target 18in wide & 30in tall @ 21 feet away.

Shooter starts from a Low Ready Position (Gun in hand ready to shoot, but aiming lower than the intended target). Shooter then reacts to a randomly timed shooting timer “Beep.” Once the shooter hears the timer, he/she engages the target as fast as possible with 5 shots. The Reaction time is not counted toward overall time(Time it takes the shooter to pull up onto target and start shooting), reaction time will be deducted from overall time after 5th shot. All shots must strike the Paper Target at 21 feet. This video also shows the record for Fastest 5 shots including reaction time

The Record Time I set while following all the above mentioned details is 1.71 seconds overall time (Including Reaction Time) and 1.09 seconds 5 shot time  (Minus reaction time of 0.62 seconds).

Never let anyone tell you, you can’t break records, records are meant to be broken…Push yourself and I hope to see one of you break my record some day!
If you enjoy the video or have other ideas like this one…let me know in the comment section below.

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