Instant Karma: Man Has Truck Stolen While He’s Across Street Robbing Store

KENNEWICK, WASHINGTON — A man’s truck was stolen, and we’d normally be sad, but not in this case.

As his truck was stolen, he was across the street robbing a store. If that’s not instant karma, I’m not sure what is.

Here’s what happened;

At around 6:00a.m. Sunday, Kennewick Police responded to the 500 block area of E. Bruneau for reports of auto theft.

The owner of the vehicle, William Kelley, called police saying that someone had stolen his red, 1992 Chevy pick-up, WA license B96531X.
According to police, a man noticed that Kelley had left his keys behind on the seat and stole the truck.

After surveillance video was reviewed, police discovered that the reason Kelley had left his truck was because he was off stealing items from a business across the street.

via cbs6albany.com

Kelley is in jail, and his truck is still stolen. Bad decisions equals bad days.

Is this enough of a lesson to get Kelley on the straight and narrow? We may never know. I wonder how his insurance company will handle the stolen truck. “Sorry, but we’re not covering your loss because you’re a moron.”

That’s how I’d write the letter.

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