Why We Carry: Man Points Gun At Couple After They Were Taking Selfies

The gun owner below is facing serious charges after allegedly chasing down a couple and pointing his gun at them. As the story goes, a couple was inside a store and were taking a few selfies, and something happened between them and this guy with the gun.

The Maryland resident, Timothy Davis, has been arrested after reportedly brandishing a firearm at two individuals who were taking selfies in a convenience store. According to the Maryland State Police, the incident occurred on a Sunday evening in a Taneytown convenience store.

Angered by the selfie-taking customers, Davis confronted them in the parking lot upon leaving the store, pulling out a gun from his waistband, as captured in a video recorded by one of the customers.

Following the incident, Davis was apprehended from his home on Monday and transferred to the Carroll County Detention Center. He now faces charges of first and second-degree assault, disorderly conduct, firearm use, and reckless endangerment. The firearm was recovered by the police during his arrest. Fortunately, no injuries were reported from the incident.

Regardless of what happened, the guy with the gun approached them in such a way that it’s obvious he wasn’t in fear for his life. Gun in hand, he moves towards them and then lifts it up and points it at them, which is obviously a big no-no for any law abiding gun owner.

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