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Man Targets Extremely Skilled Sniper, Nicknamed The Reaper, During Attempted Robbery

Talk about having a bad day as a criminal. When a robber chooses a target who ends up being a person nicknamed The Reaper, a nickname he earned as a member of the United States Army Rangers because of his ‘proficiency for killing’, you know he’s not cut out for being a career criminal.

As a special operations sniper, Nick Irving knows his way around firearms, and there’s a good chance that he’s carrying one as well.

#Monday got interesting…Short story, someone attempted to rob me, but didn’t work out in his favor. While within my legal right to defend what is mine, property, my person, etc., with the use of deadly force, the choice not to and a little hand work was the best option #onelessstatistic Shoutout #2a #Texas and the cavalry with the quick response. #stillPositiveVibesOnly #Mondays #hedidntreadmybook

File this under Bad Luck Criminals, as this one is pretty close to the top.

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