If Your Child’s School Received A Shooting Threat One Evening, Would You Let Your Child Attend The Next Day?

Locally to us, a high school posted on Facebook to alert parents and students of a concerning message that one of their students had posted on a social media account.

The first update from the school read;

UPDATE: Earlier this evening, we noticed a concerning message posted on social media from one of our students.

Law Enforcement is hard at work tonight investigating this issue. For now, all is well and we will have more to share tomorrow.

In the morning, there will be additional law officers on campus to ensure the safety and security of all.

Thank you for your patience and we look forward to seeing everyone bright and early in the morning for a day of learning together!

via Facebook

Police were investigating last night, and the school said that extra security would be in place first thing in the morning to open the school day.

The second update, which came early this morning;

6:20am UPDATE
This is Dr. Rachel Shelley with an update regarding a concerning message posted to social media by a student last evening. Our police department, along with local law enforcement, continues to investigate this matter to ensure this student’s well-being. Out of an abundance of caution, there will be additional police officers on our campus throughout the day to safeguard our school community.

I look forward to seeing everyone at school today doing what we do best – learning, socializing and sharing in the moment together.

Remember Safety first and learning always.

via Facebook

Many parents chimed in, saying that they had yet to receive a phone call with any information on the incident. Many parents also stated that their child/children would not be attending the school the following day.

Then this morning, the school posted an update to inform everyone that the student who had posted the threat was found.

10:10am UPDATE!!
The student who posted the threat has been found. Thank you for your patience as we worked to resolve everything.

via Facebook

After reading the updates through the morning, not including the latest update just above this paragraph; would your child have stayed home today?

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