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Armed Citizen Threatened In Lowes Parking Lot By Man With Piece Of Lumber, Shoots Him After He Ignores Commands

SPARTANBURG, SOUTH CAROLINA — A man is dead after police say he confronted another man inside a Lowe’s store, and then went outside and waited for him in the parking lot while holding a four foot piece of lumber.

Police said Randall Eugene Belk, 54, of Roebuck, went into the store and confronted another man. The two men had an argument inside of the store, but the man went down a different isle to avoid Belk.

Belk left the store, got a four foot long piece of lumber from his truck and waited in the parking lot for the man, according to police. When the man came out of the store, Belk started following him while carrying the piece of lumber.

via wspa.com

The man was unaware that he was being followed, and got into his vehicle. It’s at this point that Belk confronted him again, but this time armed with the lumber.

The man told Belk to get away, but Belk ignored the commands and continued moving towards him. Police say when Belk got too close, within four feet, the man shot him once in the chest.

Belk later died at the hospital.

Police say, in a press release, that the two men were acquaintances. The relationship was not immediately known.

It was determined that the armed man acted in self defense, and no charges are expected.

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