Sheriff’s Office Lacks Funding, Advises Residents To Lock Their Doors And Load Their Guns

MARTIN COUNTY, KENTUCKY — A Sheriff had some words for residents after their office was forced to suspend law enforcement activities due to lack of funding; Lock your doors, load your guns and get a dog.

Martin County Sheriff John Kirk took the stage without invitation at a fiscal court meeting on Feb. 4, saying his office was still owed a January payment of $75,000, the Lexington Herald-Leader reported. He also said new obligations given to his office will add $99,000 to his annual expenditures.


The Sheriff took to Facebook in an effort to explain the situation.

It’s rather disheartening to hear that an office such as this isn’t given the proper funding to operate, but it’s also a reminder that no one is there to save you when you need it most. Especially now, for Martin County.

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