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Hero Hotel Clerk Shoots Burglar, Helps Police Make Arrest With His Attention To Details

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA — No matter what you do for a living, it’s always good to give it your full commitment. Then there are those people like this hotel clerk who goes way above and beyond their job description. As he walked through the hotel parking lot on a routine check, he spotted someone attempting to burglarize a car. That’s when he jumped into action.

The hotel clerk contacted police, saying he had shot a burglar. He reportedly told police that he was making his rounds in the parking lot when he saw 46-year-old John Paul Bays near a red van, and then heard glass breaking.

The clerk said he then confronted Bays, and believed he saw the man point a handgun at him. The clerk then pulled his own handgun and fired one shot at Bays. Police say Bays responded by saying, “Hey, you shot me,” before running to a nearby apartment complex.

Via ABC 15 Arizona

The clerk went above and beyond his responsibility here. Not only did he confront the robber and thwart him with his gun, but he chased the robber and watched him get into a getaway car. He quickly memorized the make, model, color and license plate number of the vehicle. He then called the police.

When the police arrived the clerk gave explicit details of what the robber looked like as well as all the information about the car. It wasn’t long before police were able to locate that car and robber with it. The bad guy was arrested and charged with burglary, aggravated assault, and resisting arrest.

Should you find yourself in a situation like this, the clerk provides a model example of what to do as far as gathering as much information as you can and memorize it. Contact the authorities and provide them with all the information your gathered. This is the most effective way of helping the police do their job of catching the bad guy.

As far as chasing after the bad guy yourself; That’s dangerous and should be left up to the legal professionals.

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