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Man Shot Dead After Breaking Into Home And Assaulting Former Girlfriend


DOTHAN, ALABAMA — A man from Ashford was fatally shot after he allegedly invaded a residence and started attacking an individual there.

The situation unfolded on McCallister Road within Dothan’s city limits.

The local police identified the deceased as Charles Kevin Sexton, 55, from Ashford. He had reportedly come to the house in search of his former girlfriend, whom he suspected to be present. Upon arrival, Sexton forcefully entered the house, bypassing the owner and causing significant damage. He located his ex-girlfriend and began to attack her.

The owner of the house responded by retrieving a handgun, imploring Sexton to cease the assault. When Sexton charged towards him, the homeowner shot him once in the chest. Wounded, Sexton managed to leave the house and drive off in his car. He was subsequently dropped at Southeast Health Emergency Department, where he was declared dead.

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