Armed Robber Routed By Unarmed Man With Marginal Resistance


Sometimes, the armed robber really just doesn’t want any problems.

In the below video, a robber carrying a handgun attempts to steal a man’s valuables — but the man isn’t having it.

With a sort of swat to the attacker’s gun, which he’s actually holding with two hands, something of a rarity, the robber turned and swiftly walked away.

It’s pretty incredible. Should you end up in the same situation, however, it’s probably unwise to assume you can get out of this scenario as easily as this man did.

Check out the video below, and when you do, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Would you have complied in a situation like this, where the robber has the complete drop on you?
  2. Was the would-be victim wise to act like he did?

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