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Masked Intruder Shot Dead By Wisconsin Resident During Home Invasion

MADISON, WISCONSIN – A masked intruder was shot to death by a resident in Madison, WI on Friday August 26. A man, a woman, and a girl were in the residence at the time of the shooting and no one else, other than the intruder, was hurt.

Police were called on to the scene and the man of the residence escorted law enforcement to the lifeless intruder in the home and was cooperative. There were multiple weapons found on the scene, but it has not yet been determined which weapons belonged to who.

The girl on the scene is being shielded from the public, but law enforcement did disclose that she is older than a toddler.

“She’s with her mother now, and detectives are talking to them to try to figure out why this particular residence was targeted, what issues may have been involved,” said Chief Shon Barnes.

Barnes also said that this is not the first time law enforcement had been called out to this exact residence. There was also one other break-in in the same neighborhood on the same night. However, law enforcement do not believe that they are related incidents.

The other incident where police were called for this residence was in 2020 when a little girl, Anisa Scott, was killed by a drive-by shooting. In the window of the home, the words “Anisa World,” were visible.

Law enforcement is also working to determine if the break-in was related to the death of Scott.

It was the seventh shooting ending in a death this year, and no charges have yet been filed against the armed resident, or if there will be any to begin with.  

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