Man Defends Home and Family Against Total Stranger… One Shot Did It All


ELMIRA, NY — A man was surprised to find a complete stranger in his home earlier this week, a threat to his wife and kids, MyTwinTiers reports.

The homeowner may have been shocked, but he was still prepared — against an armed opponent the intruder didn’t stand a chance.

According to MyTwinTiers:

Around 6:12 am, officers responded to a home on Perine Street for a report of a home invasion in progress. Prior to arrival, officers learned that the intruder had made entry into the residence and was shot by the resident.

Upon arrival, officers located a 33 year old Elmira resident who had sustained a single gunshot wound to his torso. Emergency medical care was summoned to the scene to assist the male. The male was transported to a local hospital where he is continuing to be treated for his wounds. The injuries caused do not appear to be life threatening at this time…Police have identified the intruder as Jason Lopez, of Elmira.

Lopez remains in an area hospital receiving treatment for a single gunshot wound. The male resident and Lopez are not acquainted in anyway and the motive is still under investigation. There was also a female resident and four young children home at the time of the incident. Lopez was the only person injured during the incident.

Some people are wired to be awake and functional at 6 a.m. I am not one of those people, at least not without about a quart of coffee.

If you’re like me, invest a little time and effort securing your home defense firearm where you can easily get to it, but still need to exert a little energy so you’re awake to use it properly. I personally find that a bedside drawer low enough that you have to get out of bed (or at least really lean out) can be a help, but everyone’s situation is different.

Or you can be my father and naturally wake up at 5 a.m. You’ll be in good shape either way.

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