Don’t Do Anything That This Guy Did While Armed And Being Pulled Over – WATCH

The driver is a complete moron.

You’ve got to watch this video until the end.

This morning, December 2, a little after 1 AM, Officer Mike Sigman and K9 Ben were requested by the Ohio State Highway Patrol to back them up on a traffic stop on I-71 South of 36/37. They also requested Ben sniff around the car due to several indicators that drugs may be onboard.

The driver was uncooperative, refused to obey commands to exit the vehicle, and the Trooper saw a gun next to him on the seat. As you can see from the video the Trooper and Officer Sigman were engaged in a very tense situation that could have turned out tragically and both of them acted with great restraint and professionalism.

The driver fled and was later arrested after a lengthy pursuit. I want to commend Officer Sigman and the Trooper for a job well done.

Chief Steve Gammill

Not only did the driver say that he’d shoot the officer if he released the dog, but he clearly had no respect for them whatsoever.

Did you watch until the end? Then I’m sure you noticed when the driver simply… drove off.

This entire encounter goes against everything that armed citizens should be doing when pulled over during a traffic stop. If you’re truly upset with something, let things play out and fight the good fight later on. At the time of a stop, it’s not the place to be uncooperative and disrespectful.

To close, it can’t be said enough: The officers acted with professionalism, restraint, and level heads.

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