Oklahoma Man Shoots Suspected Burglar Dead


TULSA, OKLAHOMA – An Oklahoma man shot and killed a suspected burglar who was attempting to break into his apartment. The incident occurred around 2:00 a.m. September 4.

The homeowner immediately cooperated with law enforcement and said that he opened fire on another man who was entering his apartment.

The alleged burglar was found dead at the bottom of a staircase with a gunshot wound. However, there was allegedly one other suspect who fled the scene and has not yet been tracked down.

Defending one’s home is of utmost importance for every gun owner. Fortunately for this resident, he was prepared to discharge his weapon in the event of a break-in from multiple individuals.

When was the last time you practiced defending your home? Have you worked on clearing your weapon in the event of a jam in a time of need? We at Concealed Nation encourage all of our readers to safely practice drills that will prepare you to ensure the safety of your domain and its inhabitants. You never know how you will respond in a frightening moment, but you can minimize the potential paralysis in the heat of the moment by practicing what you will do if someone is breaking in through your front door or your children’s bedroom.

Practice room clearing or consider adding a light to your primary home-defense weapon, because, after all, you know your home in the dark better than the potential invader. Use that to your advantage. Lives might be saved because of your training and discipline.


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Grant A. Holcomb is a writer based out of Tallahassee, FL who has been writing for the Florida Capital Star and is now a part of the Concealed Nation team. He also works as a producer for a conservative talk radio program in Tallahassee. Grant can be followed on Twitter @GrantAHolcomb

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