Concealed Carrier Shoots And Kills Carjacker In Orlando Parking Lot

ORLANDO, FLORIDA — A 49-year-old man with a Florida concealed carry permit had to use his firearm in self-defense last week when a man attacked him and tried to steal his vehicle.

The incident happened at a New Texas Fried Chicken late at night, and unfortunately this man lost his life for his poor choices.

Leon Anthony Ducally, 49, told deputies he shot Jan Demetri Goodman, 26, who was assaulting and carjacking him as he walked into the business at 2200 Americana Boulevard, spokeswoman Jane Watrel said.

When police arrived a short time later, they found Goodman on the ground suffering from a gunshot wound and was unresponsive. Revival attempts failed, and he was later pronounced dead at the hospital.

The case remains open, and the media doesn’t help clarify anything.

Take this local station’s news coverage for example.

“Witnesses say that the shooting happened after the victim punched the gunman in the face. Deputies say the victim was rushed over to Orlando Regional Medical Center where he was pronounced dead. A this point, deputies say they know who the suspect is and they are not searching for anyone else.”

The reporter goes on to talk about speaking with someone who was at the scene, and made it sound like the armed citizen was the bad guy.

“One witness I spoke with told me that she was here at a restaurant picking up food when the shooting happened. She says that if it wasn’t for her quick thinking, she could have also been a victim.”

It would seem to me that the woman saved herself from being a victim of the man attempting to carjack the other man, but that’s just my take on it. Of course no one knows what actually transpired in the minutes after the incident, but the report seems… backwards.

Police have not said whether Ducally will face any charges, but it seems like he has a pretty good case for self-defense. It is unknown if any security cameras were in the vicinity to record the incident.

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