2 People Shot After Negligent Discharge In Restaurant, Man Responsible Initially Flees The Scene, Later Goes To Police Station

REDMOND, WASHINGTON — On Saturday, an unexpected gunshot occurred at Sage’s Restaurant in Redmond, reportedly due to the negligent discharge of a firearm by a 44-year-old man.

Redmond Police Department’s representative, Jill Green, informed that the man, who had a handgun in his possession, inadvertently pulled the trigger upon entering the eatery. The negligent discharge resulted in injuries to two individuals. An elderly man was injured in the elbow from a bullet ricochet, while a 67-year-old suffered wounds from fragments of the bullet.

The man responsible for the mishap had a license for his concealed pistol.

The wounded individuals were promptly transferred to local medical facilities to treat their non-critical injuries. Although the man in question initially fled the scene prior to the police’s arrival, he later voluntarily arrived at the Redmond police station, as per the police report.

Following the incident, the man was detained at the SCORE jail in Des Moines, where he is being investigated for reckless endangerment.

Having a negligent discharge is completely avoidable with a proper holster, proper firearm handling, and using your brain. Leaving the scene after negligently shooting 2 people is beyond irresponsible, and this concealed carrier should be held responsible for all of his actions.

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