Home Invader Raped And Robbed Woman, Is Then Shot Dead By Precision Shot From Armed Neighbor


GADSDEN, ALABAMA — Three suspects broke into a women’s home in the early morning hours on Monday, where one of them, a 17-year-old, held the woman at gunpoint and raped her while the other two raided the house.

After a while, two of the men left. The woman told the remaining man, the one who had just raped her, that her neighbor kept her money. After hearing this, the man decided to go over to the neighbor’s house with her to get the money.

That’s when things got bad for him.

Police say the neighbor called 911 when the woman and her attacker arrived outside his front door.

The attacker reportedly demanded the neighbor get off the phone, fired two shots into the air, and pointed the gun at the neighbor.

The neighbor, who was armed, fired a bullet into the teenager’s chest, killing him.

One well-placed shot ended the violence that this 17-year-old caused in a short amount of time.

The woman was taken to the hospital for treatment and released. The neighbor was taken to the police station for questioning, but is not expected to face any charges.

The other two suspects have not been located.

In a brief conversation with the 17-year-old’s mother, she told FOX6 that everything was being unfairly pinned on her son and that his name was being dragged through the mud.

I . . . I don’t even know how to respond to that. What’s unfair is what her son put this woman through during an armed home invasion. That, and only that, is what’s wrong with this whole incident. If you’re going to do the crime, be prepared for consequences such as getting shot by an armed citizen that steps in to defend an innocent life.

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