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Concealed Carrier Saves Life Of Threatened Stranger

CHATTANOOGA, TN — A responsibly-armed, responsibly-vigilant concealed carrier put a stop to a threat to a complete stranger’s life one night earlier this month, WRCB reports.

Once again, a concealed carrier at the right place at the right time proves that we are handier by one’s side than their best friend!

As WRCB reports:

Chattanooga police say that the victim, 19-year-old D’Kobe Jordan, was armed with a handgun and was shot several times as he threatened to use that same handgun to harm another male on West 38th Street.

The police investigation determined that a gun carry permit holder saw the threatening behavior and took measures to protect the life of the man who was being threatened.

Some of the witnesses and those directly involved are said to be cooperating with the police investigation.

Channel 3 asked if the individual who intervened could be charged. CPD said they cannot answer questions about charges at this time.

This actually does more good than just save one life — not that saving a life is insignificant.

This actually has the potential to save many lives. Let’s break it down:

First, you’ve got the guy who the concealed carrier saved. That’s the obvious one. Let’s move past that, however. What are the odds the would-be victim remains unarmed after this incident?

The possibility exists, but if it were me, I’d be scared straight. If he chooses to responsibly arm himself, or even just chooses to share this story with folks in his community, that’s countless people influenced by this one action and who knows how many more newly-armed citizens are able to help the next passerby in a bind.

We are more than just safeguards of our communities. When we do our jobs right, we are examples, too.

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