Thug Puts Gun Against “Easy” Target’s Head, Then It’s Game On

BATON ROUGE, LA — When one thug decided to make a quick buck by putting a gun up to a stranger’s head and demanding cash, he probably didn’t think there was a way that things could go wrong.

But it did, horrendously, and now he’ll be heading to jail for a long, long time.

As WBRZ reports:

The incident took place at a residence on East Brookstown Drive just after 12:15 a.m. The victim told authorities he was in his front yard when someone walked up behind him and put a gun to his head. The suspect, identified as Travion Springer, then demanded money from the victim.

Springer lead the victim into the residence to retrieve the money when a struggle over the gun broke out between the two. During the struggle authorities say Springer pulled the trigger and shot the victim in the left hand, injuring his middle finger. The victim was able to gain control over the gun and lead Springer back into the front yard. He held Springer at gunpoint until authorities arrived at the scene.

Once at the residence, authorities discovered the gun used by Springer had been reported stolen. Springer was charged with armed robbery with a firearm, aggravated second-degree battery and possession of a stolen firearm.

There is no question that this victim was faced with very nearly the worst possible situation one can face when it comes to bad guys. To get out of it, there is really no way for this to have gone better unless two habits were developed:

1. The victim develop a habit of consistent concealed carry.

2. The victim develop his situational awareness.

That’s not out of judgment — you can’t see everything at once. But if you develop your situational awareness that concealed carriers really ought to have, the chance of getting ambushed like this are severely reduced.

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