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[WATCH] Convenience Store Workers Caught Outside Protective Room By Armed Robbers And Face Brutal Robbery


HOUSTON, TEXAS — Released surveillance footage shows a pair of store workers being ambushed in their place of business late at night by a pair of armed robbers.

The footage is pretty brutal. While no one ended up seriously injured (outside of dealing with some serious trauma down the line), the robbers toss their victims around pretty roughly, and it was somewhat surprising to see no shots fired.

There’s a reasonable chance this could have been avoided if the workers had been inside their bulletproof room inside the store. They were outside of it watching TV instead.

That does not make this robbery or what happened to them their fault. Not in the slightest.

However, it’s worth noting that if your management (or you, as a business owner), has decided that a protective encasement is necessary, it’s wise to make use of that defensive tool.

Check out the video below, and ask yourself if you could ever be caught in the same situation these victims were. I think a lot of people could.

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