Homeowner Shows Thug He Picked The Wrong House


SPRINGFIELD, MO — One armed homeowner really showed a thug a bad time when the invader picked the wrong house to try to break into.

He received a once-in-a-blue-moon experience — how many people get to ride in an ambulance every day because of how dumb they chose to be?

As KTTS reports:

Police say shots were fired during an attempted break-in early Tuesday morning at a home at the corner of Missouri and Elm in Springfield. Officers say the homeowner shot at a man who tried to get into his house.

The man did suffer some injuries related to the break-in, but officers say he was not shot. The would-be burglar was taken to a local hospital.

“Have you locked in your home defense plan?” sounds a little like the firearm guy’s version of “have you met our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ?” Perhaps that’s a little corny, but it certainly does play on that level of importance.

We — you, me, your mother, brother, and cousin — all need to know what will happen when and if you hear something go “bump” in the night.

It doesn’t have to be a 14-step tactical plan, but you do need to know the basics:

What are the most likely entry points to my home?

How do I ensure that my loved ones are safe?

Do I have someone who can get on the phone with authorities right away?

What is my designated home defense firearm?

Your home defense firearm doesn’t need to be a gun used only for that purpose, but it does need to be the same firearm, to be found at the same spot, and whatever that spot is, you need to be able to get there quickly and in the dark.

For me, that’s a Tristar T-120 with a 19-round extended magazine, with one in the chamber. With another magazine, that’s 39 rounds of 9mm, and I’m comfortable with that capacity.

Find something that works for you. Find something you’re comfortable with. I have often found that the firearm that you learned to shoot with works well — if you’re looking for a starting off point, give that a try!

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