Stow & Go Secret… Cool, But Maybe Let’s Take Another Look

In my humble opinion, gun folks do not get enough credit for how artsy and crafty they can be.

Have you ever seen an AR-15 that’s been customized way past the point of practicality? That is just artwork, my friends. Gun stenciling, nifty hidden gun storage spaces — while some of it may have a practical use, there is more than enough of it created just for fun.

Just like this car seat.


Roadside assistance

Posted by Gun Hub on Saturday, August 12, 2017

The car seat in the above video has stored away inside it both an awesome primary and secondary firearm. Someone did some awesome work attaching a home for those guns at the bottom of the seat. It’s pretty flipping awesome.

All of that is well and good, if you remember that it is largely just for fun, or potential storage for a bigger situation than a concealed carry incident.

By that I mean the infamous “go-to-war” option, defending the United States from whatever entity it is that would cause you, a member of a well-regulated militia, to be in conflict for an extended period of time.

There’s no judgment, there — I definitely have my own bug out kit, as I am sure a goodly portion of the rest of you do.

All that is to say, really, that it is vitally important that we as responsibly armed and prepared citizens recognize the partial utility, or rather, the specific utility of such an item as this form of storage, and don’t depend on it in lieu of concealed carry.

That sounds obvious — but I know at least one person who keeps a rig not too unlike this one in his car — and because of that, he will sometimes leave his carry gun.

Of course, he can’t really get to his really, really cool in a jiffy if he needs to.

Have fun with firearms — don’t forget that they are firearms and defensive tools, but have fun with them. Just don’t forget that they aren’t a replacement for solid concealed carry fundamentals, and among those is accessibility.

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