Burglary Ends With Dead Burglar, Because Armed Homeowner


KINGMAN, AZ — Police are investigating after a home invader’s attempt at burglary was foiled by a responsibly-armed homeowner.

As ABC 15 reports:

“(The Mohave County Sheriff’s Office) said just after 7:30 p.m. they received reports that a male suspect entered a home near Roosevelt Street and Jagerson Avenue to rob a homeowner.

The homeowner told authorities that the suspect came into his home, robbed him and was causing a disturbance.

The suspect reportedly deployed a TASER at the homeowner several times.

The homeowner then shot the suspect; the suspect later died from his injuries.

MCSO said the homeowner has not been charged as the incident is still under investigation.”

A couple things, here.

First of all, who on this good earth invades a home armed with a TASER?

Extremely strange. Anyway — I suppose that we can be glad that the intruder either lacked the capability or the conscience to obtain and use a firearm against his intended victim.

Secondly, although it is not reported how in this particular instance the victim was made aware of the intruder’s presence — whether the homeowner heard a breaking-in, or was faced with a stranger in his home — the victim had his firearm close enough at hand that when he really needed it, he was completely ready to go.

We see it time and time again on this site — keep a defensive tool close at hand. It makes a world of difference.

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