Homeless Man Fatally Shot After Going on Window Smashing Spree and Assaulting Employee

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – A homeless man went on a window smashing spree and then assaulted and employee of a business before being fatally shot by the intended victim.

Metro Police received a call on Friday, December 11th, reporting a homeless man who broke into the United Way building by smashing out a window. It is unknown if police responded to that call, and if not, why not.  What is known is that 30 minutes later they receive a call from an employee of a nearby auto business who reported that the man had smashed windows there, and that an altercation ensued in which the man pushed the employee to the ground, causing him to strike his head.  The employee, feeling threatened, shot the man in the parking lot.

The homeless man, identified as Darrell Martin, 39.  He was taken to a local hospital with gunshot wounds and later died of the injuries. The employee remained on the scene and was detained for questioning by police, who say that it is an on-going investigation and will likely prove to be a case of self-defense.

This is an example of how quickly a property crime, such as vandalism, can escalate into a verbal confrontation or physical altercation, and can turn deadly.

Waiting for the police isn’t always an option, because they may not be there in time to help you. Luckily, this armed citizen was prepared and took necessary steps to ensure his safety.

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