Albuquerque Police Seeking Murder Suspect Wanted For Killing Ex-Girlfriend

ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO — Authorities are actively pursuing a murder suspect believed to be armed and posing a threat to the public.

Law enforcement agents are on a quest to locate Julius Falero, aged 20, who stands accused of fatally shooting his former girlfriend on Sunday morning.

The incident occurred in a residential area in North Valley, proximate to the junction of 4th and San Clemente Avenue NW.

According to the police, they were alerted to the situation around 7:30 a.m., due to reports of Falero allegedly detaining his ex-girlfriend without her consent.

Upon reaching the premises, responding officers report hearing gunfire, leading them to momentarily withdraw before going inside the house. Upon entry, they discovered a female victim with gunshot wounds. Despite immediate medical attention, she was declared deceased at the scene.

Falero is believed to have evaded capture by escaping on foot, with his last reported sighting near the intersection of 2nd and Griegos.

“He has an active felony warrant for a violent crime that happened recently, I think at his workplace,” said Gilbert Gallegos, APD spokesman. “He shot an individual a couple times.”

Police request that anyone with potential leads or information pertaining to Falero’s whereabouts contact them at 505-242-COPS.

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