Walmart Customer Negligently Discharges Firearm In Store

SIDNEY, OHIO — In an accident that serves as a warning to us all, a licensed concealed carrier was charged with a misdemeanor after his firearm discharged in a local Walmart.

WHIO reports Sidney police Sgt. Sean Martin said that the man, Kevin Wilson, was a customer in the store, when his weapon discharged.

The semi-automatic shot a slug into the floor of the store, and it seems that no one was hurt.

Here’s the warning — there is no indication as to what caused the negligent discharge that sent a projectile into the floor. Given that the round went into the floor, it’s entirely possible that the self-defense tool was still holstered at the time of discharge.

In other words, this could well have been a gear issue as much as something the firearm was doing at the time.

This could well have been a holster issue, for example.

But, just as a reminder to our readers — that’s still a negligent discharge.

“John, John, that’s not fair!” you may say.

Sure it is. Here’s why.

We, as concealed carriers, are responsible for what happens with our firearms. We are responsible with their maintenance, storage, and proper use.

That includes making sure your holster will retain your firearm and keep your trigger protected.

That means, folks, maybe spending the extra $30 to make sure that this doesn’t happen to you.

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