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Concealed Carrying Store Owner Confronts Armed Robber, Successfully Sending Him Running After His Brazen Attack

SAN BRUNO, CALIFORNIA — A jewelry store owner, who was well aware of recent armed robberies at local jewelry stores, wound up pulling his gun on an armed robber who was attempting a smash-and-grab at his store.

The incident happened during a string of similar robberies at the same mall, making everyone on-edge wondering what store would be targeted next.

Surveillance video below shows the owner confront the armed robbers during the attempt, but for me, he got a little too close for comfort.

“It was a bad experience, I mean everybody is giving me a thumbs up. I mean, I don’t really feel good about it,” owner Usman Bhatti said.

I won’t pick his actions apart, but if that were me, I’d be nowhere near the guy who is breaking into my display cases. A multitude of things could have gone wrong here, and luckily they didn’t, but it’s not worth the risk to get yourself in close proximity to the bad guys when you don’t have to.

I understand wanting to defend your business, and I understand wanting to see criminals pay for what they’ve done, but your life is more important and with how close he got to the armed robber, it was as I stated before… too close for comfort.

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