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Ex-BF Stalks, Then Slays Female Concealed Carrier Who Only Got One Shot Off Because Her Gun Jammed

FRANKLINTON, NORTH CAROLINA — A tragic end to a woman’s life who had obtained a concealed carry permit to thwart a long time stalker and abuser.  Tracy Williams was reportedly killed last Sunday following a shoot-out between her and estranged ex-boyfriend Garry Arist Yarborough.

Three weeks before the shootout, Yarborough had been charged with second-degree kidnapping.  According to WRAL, he was released on $75,000 bond even though the warrant states he kidnapped Williams with the intent to terrorize her.

According to Williams’ pastor, this jolted her into action.  She realized he had to take steps to protect herself because perhaps no one else would be able to.

via WRAL

Williams did everything she could to protect herself, Franklinton Police Chief John Green said, including changing her vehicle, buying a handgun, taking a class to obtain a concealed carry permit, getting a restraining order against Yarborough and notifying police when he contacted her.

Apparently, it still wasn’t enough to stop Yarborough.  According to family and her pastor, they were all concerned that Yarborough was stalking her and it was just a matter of time before he struck.

“We were all concerned. Her mother was concerned. The whole family was concerned,” said Rev. Willie Nixon III, the family’s pastor.

Their worst fears came true on Sunday.  As she stood at the ATM in a parking lot, Yarborough opened fire on her.  She managed to get one shot off before her gun jammed.  According to witnesses, he escaped in a black SUV.  He then drove to a healthcare clinic where he forced a nurse at gunpoint to treat his leg for a gunshot wound.

The SUV was later found scorched on the side of the road – prompting sheriffs and deputies to initiate a manhunt on Yarborough’s whereabouts.   Garry Arist Yarborough was arrested and charged with first-degree murder.  He is being held without bond.  The driver of the SUV that picked him up is also being held as an accessory to that murder.

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