“Give it up or I am going to kill you.” — What Do You Say To That?! One Homeowner Had The Right Response…

PETERSBURG, VIRGINIA — When a homeowner heard the door to her home get kicked in by an intruder, she rolled over and got her gun. She didn’t have to wait too long to determine if it was friend or foe, though. Upon entry, the intruder let off a shot into the ceiling to let everyone in the home know he meant business.

He reportedly said this famous line, “give it up or I am going to kill you.”

The homeowner, gun in hand, returned the favor with a shot to defend her life.

That’s when, according to the Progress-Index, she remembers the suspect lurching to the side. He fled the scene having stolen nothing. Police are still looking for his whereabouts. Chances are pretty good he’s nursing a gunshot wound.

For whatever reason, some folks think they can just kick in another person’s door and expect them to roll over to threats of death. Maybe there’s a secret playbook for criminals that spells all of this out.

“Step 1.) Kick open door.

Step 2.) Fire off shot into ceiling to let them know you really mean business.

Step 3.) Reaffirm your willingness to kill total strangers if they don’t comply with your requests.

Step 4.) Success.

Step 5.) Repeat.”

I’m sorry if we published some criminal mastermind trade secrets here. It just seems all too common where we run into stories of intruders deciding blunt force and the threat of death is enough to carry them to wealth and well-being.

What it ends up getting them, when there’s a gun owner in the house, is usually shot.

Maybe these bad guys need to move this act to homes that tout “this is a gun free home” sign out on their lawn.

In any case, the woman is completely fine. She’s down a door and probably some plaster in the ceiling but otherwise it sounds like she’s in good shape. Considering the alternative is a man willing to kill her and anyone else in the home upon suspicion of resistance, that’s not bad.

Here’s the problem: bad guys already know that they have their own lives to lose by the time they burst through the door. Because they’re already willing to risk their own lives, they’re certainly willing to risk yours. If you live in a home by yourself or with other occupants, it’s up to you to defend yourself. By the time police arrive, this situation will already be concluded one way or another.

Choose wisely. A choice for responsible gun ownership is within the grasp of just about any American willing to do so. It’s a choice we all have to make on our own and I ardently encourage you to pursue the training, discipline, and equipment to handle yourself should this situation come to your own doorstep.

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