Don’t Have A Gun? Step 1: Take Intruder’s Gun. Step 2: Shoot Accomplice


TAUTON, MASSACHUSETTS — In the Democratic People’s Republic of Massachusetts, it can be very inconvenient to legally own a gun. It involves registering the gun with police, being subject to sometimes very anti-gun rhetoric from local law enforcement, and even being outright denied for a license to carry based upon a particular police chief’s idea of “good cause”.

However, thankfully, one Massachusetts resident was able to successfully defend himself by taking the bad guy’s gun.

According to Mass Live, a resident of an apartment was subject to an armed burglary by two criminals. Both were allegedly armed and when they broke into the apartment. He managed to get one of them by himself and disarm him. When the other returned to see what the commotion was about, the resident placed one shot in his attacker. The disarmed home invader fled the scene.

via Mass Live

“According to the preliminary investigation, the suspect rummaging through the apartment came back into the main area of the apartment due to the commotion of fighting and drew his firearm upon [the occupant of the apartment],” the DA’s office said in the statement. “[The victim] shot the suspect, later identified as Mr. Scott, one time. The second, unidentified suspect, then fled the apartment on foot while [the victim] called 911.”

Dominique Scott, 23, of Tauton, Massachusetts, succumbed to his injury before first responders could arrive on the scene.

As for the victim, his fast reflexes aren’t necessarily a common denominator for most people. Your average person should never be expected to try to strategize a way to hopefully isolate one opponent by hand-to-hand combat and then successfully engage an armed second opponent. Even for those with a decent degree of agility and experience in unarmed hand-to-hand combat, that’s not something they would ever want to have to deal with. So, definitely kudos to the occupant of the apartment.

For those of you living in states where gun ownership is both difficult and sometimes very complicated, that’s all the more reason for you to pursue it. Showing your determination in pursuing what amounts to your inalienable right to defend your life and your home sends a strong message.

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