Occupant In Apartment Forced To Fight For Gun After Suspect Forces Entry Into Home


CLEVELAND, OHIO — While a young woman was trying to open the door to her apartment, an armed robber snuck up behind her. Once the door was opened, he plunged the gun into her backside and forced her to allow him entry. Unarmed and fearing for her own life, she complied and he quickly moved through the apartment, room by room, until he found another man inside. This man, though, wasn’t going to be a victim.

According to FOX News 8 Cleveland, the 26-year-old occupant grappled with the man until he gained control of the gun. He then discharged the pistol multiple times into the armed robber, critically wounding him.

After defending himself and neutralizing the robbery suspect, he got on the phone with police. They arrived and took his statement but by the time they made it there, the suspect was dead.

This is one of those heart-pounding situations we see play out. An armed robber gains entry by forcing a gun on an occupant and then has freedom of movement to do what he wants. Anyone who resists him is fair game for his own violent means.

When a household isn’t armed, this is an unfortunate possibility.

On a sidenote, seems like a lot of violent activity happening in Cleveland. Cleveland isn’t a place I put up alongside Baltimore and Chicago but it definitely sees its share of gang-related violent crime. It seems like more and more citizens are getting caught in the middle.

That’s nothing new. Statistics play down the significance of a good guy with a gun because most of the violent statistics captured are just about whether or not a gun was used. There’s little to no mention of whether or not the person using the gun was defending his life or protecting his family — as the City of Indianapolis recently discovered when it was reviewing its own crime-related statistics.

The average person is complacent with violent crime. The average person doesn’t believe he or she will be the victim of a violent crime and doesn’t take active preventative measures to protect himself, his home, and his family. These scenarios are relegated to the world of television crime fiction and movies.

You’re no longer average because a violent criminal found you. Now you’re an exceptional statistic. Which column that data goes under — shot and killed, murdered, raped, or assaulted — is all left up to chance when you don’t have a gun.

Responsible concealed carry and gun ownership is easy given a little attention and patience. The life you save may be your own.

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