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Jackson Home Invasion Leads to Gunfire Exchange; One Arrested, Two Wanted

JACKSON, MS (2-minute read) – A dramatic home invasion and subsequent gunfire in Jackson has led to the arrest of one individual, while two others remain at large. The unsettling event unfolded on Daniel Circle last Wednesday.

According to local reports, a Jackson woman encountered three young men donned in hoodies at her doorstep, who offered to mow her lawn. After she refused their services, the trio proceeded to her daughter’s nearby residence. The daughter, who was not home during their initial approach, returned mid-break-in, leading to an exchange of gunfire. Fortunately, she was unharmed despite the shots fired by the intruders.

The Jackson Police Department confirmed that the suspects fled the scene, but swift action led to the capture of one of the culprits. The search for the remaining two suspects is ongoing.

Firearm Safety Tip: Always ensure that your home is secured with proper locks and, if possible, a security system. In situations where you encounter an intruder, having a planned and practiced response can help you protect yourself effectively.

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