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Man Jumped by Pair of Thugs Bent on Knife Attack, But Their “Victim” Is Packing

Two attackers were forced to flee for their lives when their intended knife attack victim turned out to have a gun in his car — and he was more than willing to send them on their way when he had to, according to Jacksonville.com.

You know what they say — don’t bring a knife to a gun fight.

As Jacksonville.com reports:

Jacksonville police are searching for two men who stabbed a man Thursday in a bank parking lot on Moncrief Road and then fled the scene as the victim shot at them.

Officers responded to a reported shooting at the Bank of America, 5859 Moncrief Road, about 11:15 a.m. and found a man suffering from stab wounds, police said. The man had pulled into the bank parking lot when two unknown men ran up to him and started stabbing him.

Police said the man was able to retrieve a handgun and started shooting. One of the attackers got into a black pickup truck with a woman and struck another vehicle as they drove away, police said.

The stabbing victim was taken to a hospital.

Stories like these bug the hell out of me, and I’ll tell you why:

Crimes that happen at or around banks are often successful because they are “gun-free zones” in many locations.

I’m not permitted to concealed carry at my bank. I know for a fact that is the case with a large number of citizens, which means that this attack could have gone down in this exact way with many of us.

That’s insane. This wasn’t even just a robbery. The guy got out of his car and just started to get stabbed by a pair of attackers. They may have wanted money, but their equation didn’t include the survival of their intended victim. As a point of fact, if the man hadn’t had his gun nearby there’s no reason to expect this man’s survival as a likely outcome.

Carry wherever you can, and carry even when you’re doing the boring errands.

This man didn’t expect to be jumped, and that trip ended up being anything but boring.

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