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[CCW IN ACTION] Veteran Did Nothing Wrong — Concealed Carrier Will Not Be Charged For Killing One Robber And Injuring Another

ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI — An elderly veteran and concealed carrier will face no charges relating to the shooting death of one armed robber and his passenger. The passenger, however, will face murder charges for his dead accomplice.

According to KDSK St. Louis News, the Madison County State’s Attorney came out in support of the concealed carrier. He furthermore stated he wanted this to be a lesson to other would-be criminals.

“Two individuals rolled up next to them in a vehicle, asked for directions, and when they had their attention, took out a firearm,” Madison County State’s Attorney Tom Gibbons said.

Fearing for his own life and that of his passenger, the concealed carrier drew his own handgun and fired into the driver and passenger. The driver was killed in the initial volley but the passenger survived to be transported to the hospital, where he remains in critical condition.

Madison County deputies confirmed that 19-year-old Billy Dickerson was killed and 23-year-old Perry Richardson was wounded.

“This is an example of a law-abiding citizen protecting himself, exercising his right to self-defense,” Gibbons said to KDSK.

More importantly, the State’s Attorney overseeing this case makes a point to let those out there know: if your criminal buddy gets killed while you’re committing a forcible felony, you get charged for his death.

That’s a 2-for-1 special if I’ve ever heard of one.

Now, it’s not just about pointing a gun in someone’s face and demanding money — it’s worrying that the guys you bring with you don’t get killed in the process. And with more Americans arming up, that’s some unsettling business right there.

It seems Missouri has a pretty decent stance on the definition of self defense. That may not always hold up depending upon the state but I’m certainly glad this concealed carrier was able to save his own life and that of his passenger. It doesn’t matter if you’re 70-years-old with combat experience or just your average Joe, a concealed carry handgun may be your one ticket out of getting shot by a bunch of thugs with nothing to lose.

It only works if you follow this simple recipe: get the permit (where applicable), carry the gun, train regularly.

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