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[FIREARM REVIEW] Glock 23 Gen 4

When it comes to selecting a firearm for personal use, whether it be concealed carry, home protection, or just something to enjoy out at the range; a lot of factors can be considered during the selection process. One firearm that tends to be trending these days and preferred by most serious shooters is the Glock. Its lightweight polymer frame, ample calibers and sizes make it a go-to choice for anyone wishing to carry a reliable and tested firearm.

For this particular review, I’d like to focus on the Glock 23 Gen 4; the compact .40 caliber model. I’ve spent a great deal of time handling this firearm and must admit it lives up to Glock’s sturdy reputation. With an overall length of just over 7 inches and a width of just over 1 inch, the compact model is ideal as a mid-sized concealed carry firearm. The various back strap attachments the Gen 4 comes with allows a variation of grips to fit most shooter hands. With a 5.5 pound trigger pull and half inch travel; allows the firearm to be fired easily and accurately right out of the box. The factory sights are decent enough as a white “field goal” rear sight and white front sight dot, but can be easily changed out for other various sights. The frame also contains a rail system for whatever light/laser combo the shooter would enjoy.


The Gen 4 package comes with three 13 count magazines, which anyone who makes a habit of purchasing new firearms can admit getting three magazines with an affordable firearm is a deal in itself. Another great feature that comes standard with Glock’s is the interchangeable magazine release catch; making the firearm usable for both right and left handed firers.

As I stated earlier, I’ve spent a lot of time shooting this particular model. I’ve pushed just about every type of affordable off-the-shelf ammunition through it as well as popular self-defense ammunition and just as Glock’s reputation states, I encountered zero malfunctions of failure to feed or failure to fire. You’ll hear avid Glock shooters state the firearm will spit out anything you can feed it. I firmly believe that statement to be true as I’ve done it myself.

Let’s talk maintenance for a moment. The Glock’s breakdown is about as easy as it comes. Ensuring pressure is off the trigger and the trigger spring is in the released position, a simple slight pull to the slide and pushing of the release and the slide comes free with little hassle. It may take a little practice, but once you have the technique down its second nature. Once the slide is free, the spring rod can be pushed out and the barrel pulled from the slide. This makes cleaning and lubricating an easy and quick task. Reassembly is simply reversing the process and your firearm is ready for another day.


As far as safety and handling is concerned, Glock is famous for their trigger safety system. Some may frown upon such a safety; however when it comes to self-defense where seconds count, such a safety system can be your best ally. The safety is designed so that simple pulls and tugs from the outside edge of the trigger will not allow it to be depressed. Your finger must be firmly and properly married to the trigger in order to depress it. Proper handling is always a concern when handling a firearm, no matter the type of safety system installed. With correct training and practice, situational awareness and a proper holster; the Glock can be a reliable and effective sidearm for any purpose.

This particular model Glock is what my mother originally chose as a concealed carry firearm. Its easy handling and comfortable grip appealed to her. The minimal recoil makes it desirable for her to shoot. She may have moved on to something smaller for easier concealed carry, but the trusty Glock 23 still maintains its place at her bedside and for home carry.


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