Armed Cafe Employee Draws Gun And Fires To Stop Armed Robbers In FL


DUNNELLON, FLORIDA — Internet cafes still exist and in Citrus County, they are targetted routinely for armed robbery. This forced an employee of one internet cafe to arm up with a handgun. Thankfully, he was able to use it to save his life in a recent armed robbery.

According to FOX 13 News, the employee allegedly exchanged fire with an armed robber before the armed robber grabbed a woman and used her as a human shield to cover his escape.

An armed criminal doesn’t give a damn about anyone in between him and his goal. To that effect, it only makes sense that you should. After all, it’s your life, your place of business, and the lives of others around you depending upon you to make the right call.

For this employee, he likely took cover and held his fire after a human shield was used. That’s about the best one can do unless he’s able to land a critical strike against his opponent.

Another internet cafe in the same county was also robbed at gunpoint. There was no firefight there. Armed criminals will likely now view the employee who fought back as a much more dangerous proposition than robbing a place that doesn’t fight back.

It’s a choice we can all make — be a victim or fight back. This employee made it. And every concealed carrier ought to as well. It’s our duty to be prepared everywhere we go. The bad guys of this world need to give more pause and wonder if today will be their lucky day. It’s our job to make sure it’s not.

Citrus County authorities are still investigating both internet cafe robberies and have described the incidents as part of long run of armed robberies specifically targeting internet cafes in the area. Hopefully, this will push more employees to consider concealed carry as an everyday alternative to hoping bad guys don’t show up.

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