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Woman Uses Gun, Stops Kidnapping While On Her Way To Go Bear Hunting

EUGENE, OREGON — A woman on her way to go bear hunting came across a man in the road who was severely injured. After calling 911, the man told her that he and his girlfriend had been kidnapped, and the kidnapper was close by in his stolen car.

The girlfriend was inside the car with the kidnapper at the time.

The woman told the man to hide, and she grabbed her bear rifle after seeing a man walking towards them with a handgun.

Troopers arrived to the scene at about 7:30 a.m. but the suspect had already fled the scene on foot. He and a second suspect remain at large, and a third was taken into custody.

Michael Light, 39, of Florence, faces charges of second-degree assault and first-degree kidnapping.

Investigators say Light and the two other men assaulted the man for an extended period of time in his campsite. Light then kidnapped a woman, who the bear hunter says was the victim’s girlfriend and Light’s ex-girlfriend.

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Light was found in the vehicle with the man’s girlfriend and he was taken into custody. The girlfriend suffered minor injuries.

Michael Lokey-Wilson, 31, and Jonathan Dakota Appelt, 28, were identified as the other two suspects involved in the apparent kidnappings. Police are still searching for them.

It is unclear if Light saw that the woman was armed, but it definitely didn’t hurt. The woman, on her way to a bear hunting trip, was ready and prepared for Light, if he decided to make any bad moves while she was there.

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