ISIS Has A Hit List: This Woman Is On It, And The FBI Came Knocking And Said ‘Arm Up’

ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI — Terrorism has been in the forefront of many minds in the United States recently, and many wonder if they will ever come face-to-face with this very real threat. The chances are extremely slim, but what if you found out that you were a specific target of a terrorist organization?

KMOV reports;

A Granite City woman who is reportedly on an ISIS hit-list said an FBI agent came to her home and told her to “arm up” because she is a potential target.

A Special Agent with the FBI on Wednesday came to April Agers’ front door, knocked and delivered the startling news. Agers is on an ISIS hit-list.

The agent told Agers she’s been on the list since 2002 and 14 years later, this is the first time she knew she was a target. The agent said there’s a possible threat against her.

“I do fear for my children and I do fear for myself,” Agers told News 4. “It’s serious. To me you come to my home and you tell me my life in danger.”

When asked why her name was on the list, no answers were given. The FBI released a statement to KMOV when they asked about the situation.

“The FBI routinely notifies individuals and organizations of potential threat information. We perform these notifications so potential victims are aware of possible threats and take appropriate steps. Those measures may include paying close attention to your surroundings at all times, protecting personally identifiable information, and immediately calling the local authorities if you observe something suspicious. The FBI will continue to work closely with federal, state, and local partners to keep the public informed of potential threats.”

With no one else to turn to, Agres says that she’s going to take matters into her own hands. Whether you’re on a list or not, it’s always a smart idea to be as prepared as possible for anything that could come your way.

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