Gunman, Seeking Revenge, Is Shot And Killed By An Armed 7-Eleven Security Guard


NORTH LAS VEGAS, NV — A troubled teen looking for revenge was shot and killed after he began a shooting rampage at a local 7-Eleven, reports KSNV.

Gerardo Moncayo, 19, made one bad decision that cost him his life, according to his cousin, Fabiola Grajeda.

“He had an argument last night with the clerks from 7-Eleven, and they got in a fight. One of the guys from 7-Eleven knocked his teeth out and really beat him. He had to go to the hospital,” Grajeda said according to KSNV.

After the beating, the kid wanted revenge. He grabbed a friend and came back for some “justice.”

“He came back with one of his friends, and they say he started shooting up to the ceiling,” said Grajeda.

Unfortunately for the vengeful teen, there was an armed security guard working at the station.

“One of the security guards went in and shot him (Moncayo) in the back,” Grajeda reported.

Although Grajelda could certainly be angry with the security guard — her cousin died by his hand, after all — she recognizes what her cousin did is wrong, and seems to understand why what happened, happened.

“I know he did something wrong. I know that wasn’t the way he was supposed to deal with it,” she said.

Now, I don’t know what kind of 7-Eleven warrants a security guard, but I guess it was needed this time.

Oh, Las Vegas.

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