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Report: Pizzeria Incident Leads To 2 Shot In Self-Defense


ADAIR COUNTY, KENTUCKY — An incident at Anderson’s Pizzeria in Adair County on Tuesday night resulted in two people being shot in what is believed to be an act of self-defense.

Adair County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to the scene after receiving reports of gunfire, according to WJRS.

The situation escalated from an altercation involving Chris Marano, Stephen Perez, Ernesto Garcia, and Alisha Corbin, which began inside the pizzeria.

Marano and Perez had been asked to leave the establishment earlier due to their disruptive behavior.

The confrontation turned violent when Marano attacked Garcia, with Perez joining in the assault. Corbin retrieved a 9mm handgun, and Marano and Perez pursued her outside.

Garcia eventually obtained the firearm, and amidst the commotion, an employee, Neal Rooks, was shot in the foot. Garcia fired multiple shots, hitting Marano four times.

Marano is currently in stable condition at the University of Louisville, while Garcia received treatment for his injuries.

Perez and Corbin were unharmed. The case is being investigated as an act of self-defense, with the decision to file charges pending review by Commonwealth’s Attorney Brian Wright. Adair County Sheriff Josh Brockman is leading the ongoing investigation.

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