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Armed Citizen Stops Brutal Attack On LP Officer In Home Depot Parking Lot

AMARILLO, TEXAS — A quick thinking and armed citizen came to the aid of a loss prevention officer at a Home Depot, who was being beaten by two robbery suspects.

It started Saturday afternoon when police say 35-year-old Ricky Solis stole power tools from the store and walked out with them. A loss prevention officer followed Solis out to the parking lot and when confronted, that’s when things turned dark.

Solis attempted to flee, but the loss prevention officer caught him and a struggle ensued.

During the struggle a second suspect approached in an attempt to help Solis get away. The second suspect kicked the loss prevention officer in the face then went back to his vehicle and pulled out a tire iron.

During the assault, a licensed concealed carrier saw what was happening and drew his firearm, yelling at the suspects to stop the assault and to get on the ground. The second suspect took off running, but the armed citizen was able to hold Solis at gunpoint until police arrived.

Solis was arrested for robbery and sent to jail.

The loss prevention officer received medical treatment at the scene for some minor injuries.

Had this armed citizen not been there and taken action like he did, things could have turned out much worse for the loss prevention officer.

One more in the ‘win’ column for guns saving lives.

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