BREAKING: 18 Dead, 13 Injured In Maine Mass Shooting; Suspect At Large

UPDATE @ 12:01PM 10/26/23: Police confirmed during a press conference that 18 people were killed in last night’s mass shooting, and 13 others were injured. The suspect is still at large.

UPDATE @ 11:48PM: An eyewitness spoke with ABC News who was at the bowling alley, stating that at the time of the shooting, a kids bowling league was taking place.

UPDATE @ 11:32PM: During a press conference, police stated the following information:

  • Robert Card is a person of interest and is considered armed and dangerous
  • Do not approach Card or make contact
  • The shelter in place remains in effect
  • A reunification location is at the Auburn Middle School
  • There are multiple scenes being worked by police
  • Police are not releasing the number of fatalities and casualties at this time

UPDATE @ 11:00PM: According to CBS News, the suspect is a trained firearms instructor.

“According to law enforcement, Card recently reported mental health issues including hearing voices and threats to shoot up the National Guard base in Saco.  He was also reported to have been comitted to a mental health facility for 2 weeks in the summer of 2023.”

Additionally, according to police scanner traffic, the suspect’s rifle is equipped with a night vision scope.

UPDATE @ 10:35PM: Possible second suspect and second vehicle, black pickup with a cab, according to police scanner.

UPDATE @ 10:32PM: Video reportedly from the Walmart Distribution Center shows broken glass, with a witness saying that the suspect came through the door.

UPDATE @ 10:05PM: The suspect’s vehicle has been located at a boat launch south east of the shooting locations. The suspect is still at large. The vehicle’s location is in Lisbon, Maine.

UPDATE @ 09:54PM: Police have identified the suspect as Robert Card, born 4/4/1983, and have released a BOLO. Police say the suspect is driving a White 2014 Subaru Outback with Maine License Plate 9246PD.

(Since this is a very active and very serious situation, we are mentioning the name of the suspect. In any other instance, we would leave them unnamed.)

UPDATE @ 09:32PM: Police have released an image of a vehicle they are looking for.

UPDATE @ 09:27PM: Fox News is reporting at least 22 dead and 50-60 injured. The suspect is still at large.

UPDATE @ 09:15PM: CNN is reporting at least 16 dead and 50-60 injured. The suspect is still at large.

UPDATE @ 09:11PM: An ABC News station in Portland is reporting that at least 10 people are dead and dozens are injured.

UPDATE @ 09:05PM: Central Maine Medical Center released a message stating that they are currently responding to a “mass casualty, mass shooter event.”

UPDATE @ 08:47PM: Multiple MedFlights have been spotted on Flight Radar, indicating possible multiple victims.

UPDATE @ 08:35PM: Photos of the suspect have been released by police. A shelter in place alert was sent to cell phones in the area, covering the entire city of over 30,000.

UPDATE @ 08:26PM: It is reported that no victims were located at the Walmart Distribution Center. There is no word on injuries or fatalities at the other locations, and the suspect is still at large.

UPDATE @ 08:20PM: A live scanner feed, as well as breaking news, can be seen and heard in the video embedded below via Agenda Free TV:

UPDATE @ 08:14PM: Police scanner just suggested another location at the Walmart Distribution Center. This is a very active situation. Stay with us for updates.

UPDATE @ 08:12PM: Police say the suspect is still at large, and encouraged all businesses in the area to close.

LEWISTON, MAINE — Reports are coming in of a mass shooting that has or is still taking place in at least two separate locations in Lewiston, Maine. Police scanners suggest the two locations are Schemengee’s bar and grill, and Sparetime bowling alley.

The suspect is reportedly armed with a rifle.

It is unclear if there are any injured.

This is a developing story.

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