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Armed Man Attempts To Rob FL Arcade, Armed Security Guard Says No

COCOA, FLORIDA — A 55-year-old man armed with a gun and wearing a mask made a robbery attempt at an arcade on Florida’s east coast, but his attempt was met with armed resistance almost instantly.

Nathaniel Carter was identified as the man behind the failed heist, and the security guard will likely soon be cleared of any wrongdoing as a result.

[Cocoa police spokeswoman Yvonne Martinez] says a security officer confronted Carter, telling him, “don’t do this.” Martinez says gunfire was exchanged and Carter was hit. He ran, but collapsed about 80 feet (24 meters) from the building.

Carter died at the hospital.

Neither the security guard or anyone else inside the arcade were injured during the shootout.

The security guard was privately contracted through the arcade, and has his concealed carry permit.

Crime doesn’t pay, and armed citizens are everywhere.

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