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Confusing Story Tells Of Woman Who Shoots Boyfriend After Being Assaulted

LEHIGH ACRES, FLORIDA — In what police are calling a domestic dispute, a woman had to leave her home with her kids after fearing for her life when the father of her child allegedly put a gun to her head and was beating her.

The confusing part is how the woman ended up shooting the man, because it is stated that she shot him with the gun that was earlier held to her head.

The mother left with her kids looking for help in fear for her life. Deputies said Fain caught up with her and her sister, cutting them off in his car. Fain started walking toward them as the woman stated he should not approach.

With an eight-month-old baby in the backseat, she shot Fain in the arm with the same gun put to her head.

Did she get a hold of the gun from him? Was it her gun to begin with? It seems that it’d be relevant information to the story.

In any event, it seems that this mother was able to defend herself and her kids against a man who looked to do her harm.

The man drove to the hospital for treatment, but ran out hours later against doctor’s recommendation. He has since been arrested for assault and battery.

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