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Armed Man Comes Into Bar Pointing Gun At Patrons, Then One Patron Pulls Out His Own Firearm

RICHMOND, INDIANA — Richmond Police Department are still trying to identify the armed masked robber who attempted to hold up an entire bar. Thankfully, one armed patron was ready and able to fight back — forcing the robber to flee.

According to one Richmond newspaper, the armed patron allegedly discharged one round in the robber’s direction prior to him escaping. Police are still attempting to track down the suspect but, in the meantime, we’re pretty sure someone bought that man some manner of beverage.

This is a hairy moral ground for a concealed carrier to be in. On one hand, we sincerely hope this gentleman had not been drinking while carrying a concealed firearm because that’s asking for trouble. On the other hand, if he hadn’t been armed, there was the chance for an even greater amount of violence to break out.

A lone armed robber trying to stick up an entire bar smacks of complete foolishness. First off, there’s a whole host of people in the place and there’s a good chance at least a few of them have their inhibitions chemically decreased through the aid of some alcoholic beverages. It’s not like sticking up a convenience store, where it’s pretty safe to assume the majority of the customer base just wants to pick up their items and leave. It’s a bar.

That said, as a concealed carrier, some states strictly prohibit the carriage of firearms while under the influence. Some states specifically prohibit carrying a gun in an establishment who’s primary purpose is serving alcohol. Indiana is not one of those states. As such, there is no prohibition against drinking and carrying. We don’t personally recommend it for a number of reasons but, in this case, it worked out assuming the gentleman was drinking — which was never specified in the news report.

So, here’s hoping the bartender appreciates the fast reflexes of his patrons and the next round of suds is on him.

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