Woman Allegedly Pulls Gun On Dollar Store Manager When Caught Stealing: “You Wanna Die About It?”

RICHMOND COUNTY, GEORGIA — An alleged assault and robbery incident resulted in a woman’s arrest, as reported by the Richmond County sheriff’s office. The incident occurred at a Family Dollar store on Old McDuffie Road, involving the assistant store manager and a woman identified as Lashonda Lynch, 34.

According to the deputies, Lynch made a purchase, a box of Graham crackers, then continued to shoplift additional items. Upon realizing Lynch’s intentions, the store manager tried to intervene, asking for her receipt, which she refused. As Lynch attempted to leave, the manager took hold of her bag filled with the stolen items.

This led to a pursuit within the store, with Lynch aggressively attempting to retrieve her bag. Despite her efforts, the manager succeeded in stopping Lynch from leaving with the stolen items, allowing her only the crackers she paid for. Lynch left the store but returned shortly, armed with a handgun.

Lynch reportedly threatened the manager and attempted again to take the stolen goods. An unidentified woman joined Lynch before both exited the store. Surveillance footage affirmed the store manager’s account, although the alleged gun pointing by Lynch wasn’t captured due to camera angle limitations.

Utilizing a car tag number, the authorities tracked down and arrested Lynch. She is currently detained at Charles B. Webster Detention Center, facing charges of criminal attempt, possession of a firearm during a crime, and theft.

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