[VIDEO] Police Detective In NJ Admits He Denies Permits To The Elderly, People With Disabilities, Women, And Others


In this dated video, a member of New Jersey’s Second Amendment Society goes into a local police station to discuss going through the long, arbitrary, and arduous process of getting a concealed carry handgun license.  He’s met by a detective who vocally discredits the right to bear arms by the old, women, disables, and just about anyone who isn’t a police officer.

It’s something you really have to see in its entirety to fully believe.  This is why we need to be vocal about demanding our Second Amendment right to carry firearms.  States, like New Jersey, which make the process nearly impossible place the welfare of their citizens below that of their politicians and sworn police officers.

There is nothing wrong with police officers being able to protect themselves and their families from criminal elements.  That right ought also be extended to the rest of the populace.

In no other video has the process of getting a permit to carry a handgun been so clearly illustrated as being mired in unlawful bureaucracy.

While we’re not trying to throw the detective shown in this video under a bus, it’s unfortunately the efforts of societies like the New Jersey Second Amendment Society which bring to light the awful and constitutionally illegal practices perpetrated by the State of New Jersey upon its law-abiding citizens.

Thanks to both gentlemen featured in this video.  The first, for having the courage to progress rights extended to nearly every other law-abiding American in the United States, and the second for having a calm, rational discussion about his department’s rationale for approving (or more accurately, disapproving and discouraging) permit requests.

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